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About IE&M

Department History

This department was established in the year 1975 under the umbrella of the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Full-fledged Department was shifted to a new building in 1987. Our graduates are already serving the reputed organizations both in Pakistan and abroad. The department offers Bachelor of Engineering (B.E) undergraduate and postgraduate (M.E / PhD) programs exclusively in Industrial Engineering and Management.

Industrial Engineering is a rapidly developing and broad professional discipline. An industrial engineering and Management (IE&M) degree comes with countless career opportunities. Contrary to the common misconception that industrial engineers only work in manufacturing, IE&M graduates go on to work in a variety of different fields. Many choose to pursue a career in one of the following areas: Engineering Management, Human Factors, Process Engineering, Manufacturing Systems Engineering, Supply Chain Management, and Enterprise Informatics.

Our Vision

This Program intends to be globally recognized as a leader in Industrial Engineering and Management

Our Mission

The program mission is to produce quality engineers, professionals, and leaders having sound managerial and technical skills in the core areas of Industrial Engineering and Management and can play their leading role in academia and industry for socio-economic development of society.

Program Educational Objectives

The graduate to Industrial Engineering and Management program after 5 years will have

PEO-1: the ability to competently make use of managerial and technical knowledge in decision making pertaining to the designing and complexity of systems, both in manufacturing and service industry.

PEO-2: the ability to conduct research and apply their analytical and IT related skills for continuous learning and developing innovative ideas for professional and career growth.

PEO 3: the capability to act as ethical and responsible professionals in fostering innovative activities considering economic, environmental and safety impact of their work on society.

PEO-4: the ability to effectively lead, work and communicate in cross functional teams and be able to develop the entrepreneurial skill to operate their own business.